Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fall = Soccer

When September rolls around that means its soccer time. This year all the boys wanted to play so every Saturday is soccer filled.

Canyon 9 months

Look at Cadens form!

Dallan is #5

All the boys are on great teams! Can't wait for spring!

1st day of school 2011

School starts to quick after the boys get home. Landon 2nd grade 7yrs

Caden 6th grade 11 yrs

Dallan 7TH GRADE!!! I can't believe he is in Jr. High. We had his orientation a week before school and walked around to meet his teachers and figure out his locker. He even let me go in with him on the first day!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

River Fun

The boys came back and we headed up to John's cabin and had some fun on the river. I am always so glad to have the boys back home. Canyon missed his big brothers.

8 months

We headed to Missoula for a weekend getaway On August 6th. Brad was able to go mountain biking and Canyon and I shopped!

He is crawling and walking along things. He is a busy little boy. He loves to look at everything and to be outside. he is still sleeping great! On Sept 10th he started clapping!

7 months

7 months already! He is starting to get busy. He is starting to crawl everywhere and can pull himself up to standing and can sit himself up from laying down. he is also starting to get an attitude! When he sees something he wants he lets out a high pitched squeal. He loves to eat whatever we are eating. Luckily his gagging reflex has gotten so much better. He knows how to give kisses and brad always gives him butterfly kisses so now he leans his head into brads to get one. He starting feeding himself the little puffs and yogurt melts. He is just growing so fast.
Best of all he started sleeping through the night on July 24th!!!YEAH

We love his bear crawl!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Go Team Haws

Brad raced in his first mountain bike race up at Schweitzer on July 23rd

Here he comes flying down the mountain...

Look at that tight maneuvering around the corner....

and down he goes ..(see his feet up in the air! )

Even with falling down at the bottom he still took first. We were so proud of him!

Isn't that a sexy walk!

Birthday weekend at Round Lake

For brad's birthday we went to his heaven on earth.... Round Lake.

he turned the big 37. Of course I had to decorate a little while he was out fishing.

And bring a rice krispie cake!

We reserved an RV site so we would have power and brought a heater. That seemed to help Canyon to sleep better at night. With a daddy like his he better like camping!


Canyon loves to be outside. So whenever it was nice we went outside. He loved to watch the dogs run around. (7 months)

1st camping trip!

On July 7th we headed up to Priest Lake to go camping. We were a little nervous how he would be especially at night. Lets just say that Brad went on a lot of midnight walks :)

It was so nice that he wasn't mobile yet!