Sunday, August 12, 2012

Easter 2012

 In the morning we did our normal Eater hunt and then we had to get ready for 9am church!

 Dallan 13 Caden 11 3/4 Landon 7 3/4 Canyon 16 months

 He looked so cute in his little tie!
 After church we headed over to grandma and grandpas house for yet another egg hunt and dinner!


 Sat April 7th we went to an Easter egg hunt that Paige was putting on.  They had 600 eggs for about 20 kids!  SOOO much candy was brought home!

 Canyon didn;t care for the Easter Bunny!
 Dallan and Caden being good sports for me!

Spring Break!

 We were trying to decide where to go fro spring break and I heard about this new little town on the Washington Coast.  So we decided to check it out.  A couple days before we left I went onto the doctors to get checked out and make sure it was ok to go ( my due date was April 19th but things were starting to progress)  Dr. Fine said he wouldn't tell me no but didn't think I should go.  I wasn't going to miss out on a family trip!  Plus there are hospitals everywhere right!  So on March 31st we headed to the coast!
 As you can tell by the pictures the weather was not the greatest, but we had fun anyways!
 See I am ready to pop!
 Canyons first time at the beach
 Our 4 boys!

 There was plenty of wind so Brad and the boys worked on flying kites! (yes that is a crutch my beloved is holding!  He has a torn meniscus and a partial acl tear.  So needless to say he is not 100%.  So one day while we were on our trip we went to a grocery store and on the way out he is pushing the cart and decides to push it and hop on the back of it.  He realizes that he can't put his leg down to stop and as he does he yells in pain and does a spin and somersaults to the ground in the middle of the parking lot. People rush over to make sure he is OK.  Someone has already called the ambulance and me being the loving caring wife just looks at him!  That's what happens when you do something dumb! Love ya hun!  He was able to get up with help and we were hobbling back to the car when the ambulance shows.  The paramedics look at me as I am heavy with child, all I do is point to gimp next to me!  At least it is a story we will always remember!  I wish I could get the surveillance footage from the store!)

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the house and little neighborhood.  There was a pool right by the house we rented so we spent a lot of time there!  Grandma and Grandpa were watching Michael and Benjamin so there were a lot of boys!  Luckily the little girl decided not to come!  


Can I just say how much I love the snow!  I love watching it fall in big flakes to the ground.  I love how it makes everything so pretty and soft.  I love watching my kids have so much fun playing in it!  I just love it!
                                    Canyon loved it too, but it was just a little hard to walk in! 
 As soon as the boys got home from school they were outside playing in the snow.  There is a good sledding hill just around the corner so the boys head there with their friends!
                                                              Landon 7 3/4 yr
                                             Canyon loved being pulled in his sled!  14 months

I know this doesn;t go with snow but I just loved his face!

A Teenager!!!!

 For Dallan's 13th birthday ( I still can't believe he is a teenager!)  we headed to Silver mountain.  The boys all went skiing and snowboarding that day, and Canyon and I met them there that night.

 The water park was a blast.  We went that night and again all the next day.  Canyon loved the water and going down the kids slides!

 Dallans favorite the lazy river

 We couldn't resist getting this massive sundae as a treat!
 when we were all watered out we stopped at Texas roadhouse for a birthday dinner.  Grandma grandpa and Aunt Chrissy met us there.
I am so proud of the man that Dallan is and is becoming.  He is a great example to his friends and to his brothers.  He holds the priesthood and it is so neat to see him pass the sacrament every Sunday!  He is so fun and funny!  I love you!

Christmas 2011

We did our usual Christmas Eve with pizza and games at grandma and grandpas house.  Then it was off to our house to get ready for Santa to come!  The boys sprinkled the reindeer food and all slept down in Dallans room!
It was so nice having Christmas morning at our house!
 We told them they could not wake up before 6 am and right on the nose they call us and let us know they were ready for Christmas to start!

 The boys big presents from Santa this year were tablets like the kindle.  They were all excited!  Even Daddy got one!

 Canyon woke up a little later and got to open all his presents.  Then we headed over to Grandmas and Granpas to open more!  Katherine Eric Avery Aunt Chrissy Uncle Gary and Brian were all there!
 Dallan and his footie pj's

After all the present opening they boys headed into the woods to play airsoft.  It was a great Christmas