Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Teenager!!!!

 For Dallan's 13th birthday ( I still can't believe he is a teenager!)  we headed to Silver mountain.  The boys all went skiing and snowboarding that day, and Canyon and I met them there that night.

 The water park was a blast.  We went that night and again all the next day.  Canyon loved the water and going down the kids slides!

 Dallans favorite the lazy river

 We couldn't resist getting this massive sundae as a treat!
 when we were all watered out we stopped at Texas roadhouse for a birthday dinner.  Grandma grandpa and Aunt Chrissy met us there.
I am so proud of the man that Dallan is and is becoming.  He is a great example to his friends and to his brothers.  He holds the priesthood and it is so neat to see him pass the sacrament every Sunday!  He is so fun and funny!  I love you!

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