Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

I went down to visit Brad over my birthday weekend. So far we have been able to see each other every 2-3 weeks. It has been nice! So, I flew in Friday afternoon and Christy picked me up. We had a great time all afternoon and it was lawesome. There were a few lumb parts, but it made us laugh! Brad came out after work and we had dinner with the Bishops, then headed back to his place. Overall it was a relaxing weekend. Sleeping in and going to dinners and movies. For my birthday we went out to dinner at a Mexican place with a couple from his ward, then we went to Peter Piper Pizza for some games! Oh yeah! We also went on a hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. Some were too dark, or to baggy, but then we found the ones that were just right! Actually we found 2 pairs! Brad hasn't had jeans in I don' t know how long, but that all ended this fateful weekend. Walking into the Gap he wasn't hopeful, but as we headed to the clearance rack TA_DA! There they hung. The perfect color size and fit! And they were on SALE! Oh yeah! Let me just tell you he looked GOOOOD in them!

Sunday Brad made his famous french toast again for me. It will be fun to have this Sunday morning ritual once we are married! Especially if he is doing the cooking!! It is always great going to church and sitting side by side. We have been reading a lot out of the First 2000 years together, and it is so interesting. It is fun to talk about how incredibly wonderful our Heavenly Father is and about the creation. I absolutely love reading and learning more about the Gospel with him.

On Monday we went out to dinner with another couple from his ward Abe and Jessica. It is fun listening to what his friend think of him! On Tuesday I went to work with him, and tried to help him as much as I could. He was installing a lot of shutters into this older couples house who just moved from Texas. They were a very nice couple, and I had fun talking with them. Its amazing how much people share about their lives. Watching Brad work was a major turn on! He loves what he does, and he does it well. He is a hard worker!
So, that night we headed to the airport so I could fly out. I hate saying goodbye. I love every minute that I get to spend with him. It doesn't matter what we are doing just as long as I am with him I am happy. We said our prayer together at the airport and I headed to my gate. I was on board the plane when they announced that the pilot was violently ill, and they would have to delay the flight or cancel it. I texted Brad and said come and get me!! I was able to get on the flight for Wednesday night! YEAH 1 MORE DAY OF VACATION!!! Unfortunately I was not able to get my bags, but oh well! I had another day with me man! I love being able to snuggle with him, and to go to bed kneeling next to him in prayer. On Wed I went to work with him again, and again it was great. He is always worrying about me being bored, but I read and tried to help him. The night rolled around and off to the airport we went again. I was hoping that it would be cancelled again, but no such luck! We did our usual goodbye ritual at the airport. Prayer followed by lots of kisses and longing looks as I walk away.
I am so grateful that I met Brad. That from the beginning we just connected. That when we are together it just feels so right. I cannot wait to be his wife!

It's so hard to say goodbye...

Oh Sunday...a day of rest. A day to worship our Heavenly Father. A day to spend with family. A day to say goodbye :( With the start of the New Year church started at 9. So, we woke up and got ready and went! There is just something special about sitting in Sacrament meeting with your man. To be able to hold his hand, or rub his back. Then to be able to go sit in Sunday school together and read the Scriptures together and of course hold hands!
After church we stopped at Subway and then headed home.
Yes he was sad to leave. I was sad to have him leave. Having him here for 10 days was SOOOO NICE. I loved having him around. Yes, we did not do the most exciting of things while he was here, but it was like real life. I enjoy him so much. Even if its just sitting around. We just have fun together, and when he is not around I miss him. So, its a good thing that I am going down in just a few short weeks. I am flying down the 15th for my birthday.
Thank you Brad for coming up and spending Christmas with me and my family. Thank you for being an amazing man, and for choosing me. I feel very lucky!

Saturday is a special day...

Saturday morning we decided we should do a little service for the day! We went over to help Kindra and Jeremy move to their new house. Brian was also there to help with his truck. The men flexed their strong muscles and moved the big items in record time. After helping we went up to Subway for a healthy satisfying lunch!
That night was a little hectic and sad, but I will blog about that later.
We then had a big family dinner where funny comments were passed to and fro. That's when you know everyone feels comfortable with each other. Lets just say Brad felt like part of the family! After dinner Brad was just begging to play games so we decided since it was his last night here we would indulge him! We played a game of Apples to Apples. It was a fun night. After all was cleaned and the boys settled down we headed to the room to watch more of the planet channel. Watching the shows really started some interesting Gospel discussions. We spent a lot of time asking dad questions about the Gospel, and researching it out in books. I LOVE being able to have discussions with Brad about the Gospel. To see what his perspectives are on different subjects. It has made us grow closer as a couple, and closer to out Heavenly Father.

Some where over the rainbow...

Friday morning Brad and I made all the kids breakfast. He made the eggs and I made the waffles and bacon. It was nice being in the kitchen with him! Later on we all went for a walk in the woods. We took a few coins and the boys put them on the train tracks. When we got back to the house a war ensued. Satan's minions (Dallan, Caden, Pete and Hannah) were down below while Heavenly Fathers chosen ones (Brad and Landon) were up above. The fiery (nerf)darts streaked all over, along with the deadly (sock) grenades. After hours (literally!) the war was over and the right prevailed!
We were headed to take Pete and Hannah home and crossing through this valley was the most awesome, bright, complete rainbow any of us had ever seen before. The picture does not do it justice. It is just another reminder at how awesome our Heavenly Father is!
We dropped the kids off and headed over to Grandma's house. She was having dinner for everyone, but unfortunately Brad and I already had dinner planes. We stopped by for a while to visit then we headed up to Tomato Street to meet Melinda and Brian. We had a fun time with them, and had a yummy dinner. Have you ever heard of Lazoni before? That's what Brad had. Lasagna baked inside a calzone! After dinner Brad and I headed to see the Blind Side. What an uplifting movie. It makes you grateful for what you have in your life, and makes you think about what you can do to help others. Like rescuing them from living in hell all alone!!

New Years Eve

New Years Eve Brad and I headed out for an early dinner. Big beautiful snowflakes were falling from the sky as we headed to Outback. Thanks to my brilliant mind :) I called ahead and made reservations for us. We were seated and ordered our food, and relaxed. We talked about the trip thus far, and what he thought. Yes, my boys can be a handful, yes, Spokane is nice, yes, my family is friendly. So far nothing has scared him off! (I was nervous for him to come up and meet EVERYONE so early on in our relationship, but from the beginning it has just felt right with him. After my weekend in Az visiting him I knew that he had to come up and meet my family. I knew they would like him, and I hoped he would feel the same way. Its easy for 2 people to get along great when its just the 2 of them hanging out for a weekend here and there. The true test is when they are thrown into everyday life. I wanted to see how it would go. To see if there could be a future between us. After the first 7 days I know that there could be a future between us, and I can't wait to continue on the journey with him.) He had the salmon, and I had the pork tenderloin. We ate, and then headed back home so my parents could go out. The roads had gotten really bad while we were in the restaurant. So, being the great driver I am especially at night I took it slow. I was getting into the turning lane from the highway and my car decided it did not want to stop. So, luckily there were not any cars coming towards us from the other direction as we cruised into their lanes. Eventually I regained control and we made it home safe. The boys had friends spending the night, so the rest of our night was spent cuddled on the couch watching various shows. When the clock struck 12 it was nice to welcome in the New Year with a man who I have fallen for. With a man I can see spending eternity with. With a man I don't want to live without.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Thursday we headed up to Mt. Spokane to try out their new tubing hill. Sometimes new isn't always better!

Brad psyching himself up!

Needless to say the tubing hill was bad. It was short and not steep, and there were a hundred people there. So, we headed to the car and went half way down the mountain to the old tried and true tubing hill.

Tubing is way more fun when you don't have to walk up the hill!

All the boys had a blast! All 4 of them. They raced each other down the mountain time and time again. And time and time again brad won, and rubbed it in their faces!

Landon is wearing my old goggles from when I was his age! He wears pink well!

No, this is not an optical illusion. Yes, my tongue is really that long! He is just jealous!

Landon wanted to ride up with Brad, and ride down with him. Thank you Brad for being so good to my boys.

They were trying to hit me with a snowball, but they were not successful!

Brad had Landon ride down on his back. They were racing Dallan, and Caden and they won! After tubing we headed home and the boys had friends come over and spend the night, and we headed out for dinner.

Just the two of us..

On Wed I had another dentist appt, but this time Brad came with me. While I was getting my pearly whites cleaned he was leaving his mark. Oh, they will remember who Brad Haws was! After I was done we headed to Denny's for some breakfast. It was nice to have some time to ourselves. We ate a peaceful breakfast, and had great conversations. We always have great conversations. We talk about everything! Lately a lot of our conversations have been church related. It is nice to sit together as a couple and talk about the Gospel, and learn more about it together. Anyways! There was a lonely old man sitting a couple of booths away, and when we went up to pay Brad paid for his meal to. See why I am lucky to call him MY MAN!
I needed to return some Coach boots I received for Christmas so we headed to TJ Maxx. Brad was in heaven! They had his pants that he loves (khaki mountain biking climbing outdoor green loving people) pants for 1/4 of the price. So, he scooped up 3 pairs! Yeah! Then we headed to Target, and he took a nap while I ran in. So, overall not too exciting of a day, but it was a day to ourselves! I am grateful that he wanted tot come up and spend time with me and my family. I am even more grateful that we were able to spend some time just the two of us!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We are going downtown...

Tuesday I had a dentist appt in the morning so Brad stayed home with the boys. When I returned numb mouth and all we headed downtown to go ice skating. Dallan and Caden just jumped out there and took off. The rest of us were a little slower!

Don't you just love my half smile!
I love this picture of the two of them! Landon liked Brad right form the beginning. Luckily Landon had a hood on so Brad could pick him up off the ice when he fell.
We ice skated for about 1 1 /2 hrs then we headed to Crazy G's for a delicious lunch.( If your in the Spokane area you must stop and eat there!)

After we ate we headed to Costco to pick up a pizza for dinner later. We then headed back to the house and the boys had a friend spend the night. Brad and I retired to my room and learned all about our planet!!

Swoosh Swoosh down the mountain...

Monday morning we awoke early to go take on the mountain! We headed up to Schweitzer with my dad and Caden. While Brad and I were in line to rent skis and snowboards Brad noticed a guy standing next to us. Isn't that that guy from NYPB Blue? Low and behold it was. We were standing right next to Dennis Franz. We were hob nobbing with the rich and famous. (if he still counts!)

The weather was good as well as the snow. We had a great time shredding the mountain. Caden had to sit by Brad on the chairlift and at lunch. Snowboarders stick together I guess!

Not many can pull off the 6 eyed look, but he looks good in anything!

It is so beautiful from the top of the mountain. It overlooks Lake Pend O'reille in Sandpoint ID. We all had fun playing in the snow that day. It was fun to watch Caden bond with Brad.
We headed home around 4 and when we got home we were wore out! So just another relaxing night watching the green channel in the arms of my man!

A day of rest...

Oh how I love the Sabbath Day. A day to relax with the family, and to go to church to learn more about our Savior. In the morning we woke early to the pitter patter sounds of kids and dogs feet. By today it just felt so natural to have him here. To be able to see him every morning, and to spend the day with him doing whatever. Our relationship has always been comfortable. He has seen me first thing in the morning without any makeup on and with dragon breath, and I am OK with that! Obviously he is too because he is still around.
Anyways, we made waffles for breakfast, and then got ready for church. Of course when we walked in to the Chapel I saw the heads turn. People wondering who is this tall handsome mysterious stranger! All the ladies were jealous when they saw he was with me!! There is nothing better than sitting in church with a man you care for, and listening to the teachings of Christ.
After church we did our usual grocery shopping at Subway for that nights dinner. Kindra and Jeremy and kids came over for dinner. We just had a relaxing night, and capped it off with laying in bed watching TV. I love our nightly cuddle sessions. Just laying there in each others arms was so comforting. If we are to get married I don't think I want a TV in our room! He liked the cable a little too much. I was feeling neglected! JK

Monday, January 4, 2010

The day after..

Saturday we headed out to see Dallan's new puppy. It was not quite ready to come home with us, so we went to visit. Nothing sexier than a sexy man with a puppy!

We then headed out to Liberty Lake to meet up with some of the boys friends at the skate park. It was COLD! The boys had fun riding their scooters around while Brad was showing how it is done on Caden's skateboard. Brad's fun was short lived when he went up to grind on a rail and broke the skateboard in half. After the tears were wiped up ( it's ok Brad we can come back and play another day!) We headed to Subway for a satisfying lunch. Then the boys went home with their friends and we headed out to Coeur D'Alene. It was nice to have some time to ourselves!

We walked hand by hand around the lake and the main street. Checked out a bike shop of course and found out about the abundance of mountain biking trails around!! It is so beautiful out there, and to be able to be there with him was so nice.

After walking around the lake we headed to Downtown Spokane to catch a movie. We thought we would see the movie Nine, but about a half an hour into it we walked out. It is amazing what they justify as PG-13! We headed over to Red Robin to grab a bite to eat, and then headed back out to pick up the boys. It was a nice night out together. Anything I do with Brad is fun, and I am so glad he is here! He always puts a smile on my face!