Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Swoosh Swoosh down the mountain...

Monday morning we awoke early to go take on the mountain! We headed up to Schweitzer with my dad and Caden. While Brad and I were in line to rent skis and snowboards Brad noticed a guy standing next to us. Isn't that that guy from NYPB Blue? Low and behold it was. We were standing right next to Dennis Franz. We were hob nobbing with the rich and famous. (if he still counts!)

The weather was good as well as the snow. We had a great time shredding the mountain. Caden had to sit by Brad on the chairlift and at lunch. Snowboarders stick together I guess!

Not many can pull off the 6 eyed look, but he looks good in anything!

It is so beautiful from the top of the mountain. It overlooks Lake Pend O'reille in Sandpoint ID. We all had fun playing in the snow that day. It was fun to watch Caden bond with Brad.
We headed home around 4 and when we got home we were wore out! So just another relaxing night watching the green channel in the arms of my man!

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  1. Um, the "green channel "? Please don't tell me that what I'm thinking is true!