Monday, January 4, 2010


IT finally turned Christmas Eve, and I was on my way to the airport to pick up Brad! Of course his plane was early, so he was waiting for me at baggage claim. Walking in and seeing him on my soil was so nice! Away form all the dirt and sand and up in the beautiful pacific northwest. It had only been 2 weeks since I had left Phoenix, but man it seemed like I hadn't laid eyes on him in an eternity! Seeing his smile and feeling his warmth as we hugged made the night complete. Oh how I had missed him! So, we picked up his bag and headed outside. We walked out and he took a big deep breath, and I think put his lungs into shock! It was 18 degrees and coming from 70 I don't think he was ready for it. I knew my parents were going to be awake still so they were about to meet my man! I had no doubt that they would like him. I couldn't imagine how he must feel coming up at Christmas and meeting the whole family! We headed home to get ready for Christmas day. He helped me carry down presents to put down by the tree. We each got on our Christmas pj's!! and headed to bed around 1. Early the next morning the boys had us up by 6:30 anxious to open presents. This is the first time they had met Brad and said a quick hi as they headed for their stockings. My sister Kindra and Her hubby Jeremy and their two kids came over as well as my Aunt Chrissy. We all sat around the tree and presents were opened with delight. Brad got me a car phone charger, headset, willow tree "friendship" figurine (whats he trying to tell me!!), and a card with money to help with my ticket to come down and see him again. (which I am doing on the 15th!) I got for him a big box of hand warmers so he wouldn't cry he was cold! A pair of snow gloves, snow hat, and a picture. It was so nice having him up here to share Christmas with us.
After all the mess was cleaned up we went up stairs to try to take a nap. he was successful but the constant echos of mom kept me form enjoying a mid day slumber. (my trip down to visit him was so much more peaceful!) Later that afternoon my Aunt Connie and grandma and Uncle Gary came over for dinner. He was passing all their test! We then had a big family dinner of prime rib and ham. After dinner we played a game and called it a night. Put the kids to bed and headed up stairs for some peace and quiet. I loved when it was bed time because then it gave up some alone time to cuddle and talk, and of course watch the Fearless Planet!

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