Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

I went down to visit Brad over my birthday weekend. So far we have been able to see each other every 2-3 weeks. It has been nice! So, I flew in Friday afternoon and Christy picked me up. We had a great time all afternoon and it was lawesome. There were a few lumb parts, but it made us laugh! Brad came out after work and we had dinner with the Bishops, then headed back to his place. Overall it was a relaxing weekend. Sleeping in and going to dinners and movies. For my birthday we went out to dinner at a Mexican place with a couple from his ward, then we went to Peter Piper Pizza for some games! Oh yeah! We also went on a hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. Some were too dark, or to baggy, but then we found the ones that were just right! Actually we found 2 pairs! Brad hasn't had jeans in I don' t know how long, but that all ended this fateful weekend. Walking into the Gap he wasn't hopeful, but as we headed to the clearance rack TA_DA! There they hung. The perfect color size and fit! And they were on SALE! Oh yeah! Let me just tell you he looked GOOOOD in them!

Sunday Brad made his famous french toast again for me. It will be fun to have this Sunday morning ritual once we are married! Especially if he is doing the cooking!! It is always great going to church and sitting side by side. We have been reading a lot out of the First 2000 years together, and it is so interesting. It is fun to talk about how incredibly wonderful our Heavenly Father is and about the creation. I absolutely love reading and learning more about the Gospel with him.

On Monday we went out to dinner with another couple from his ward Abe and Jessica. It is fun listening to what his friend think of him! On Tuesday I went to work with him, and tried to help him as much as I could. He was installing a lot of shutters into this older couples house who just moved from Texas. They were a very nice couple, and I had fun talking with them. Its amazing how much people share about their lives. Watching Brad work was a major turn on! He loves what he does, and he does it well. He is a hard worker!
So, that night we headed to the airport so I could fly out. I hate saying goodbye. I love every minute that I get to spend with him. It doesn't matter what we are doing just as long as I am with him I am happy. We said our prayer together at the airport and I headed to my gate. I was on board the plane when they announced that the pilot was violently ill, and they would have to delay the flight or cancel it. I texted Brad and said come and get me!! I was able to get on the flight for Wednesday night! YEAH 1 MORE DAY OF VACATION!!! Unfortunately I was not able to get my bags, but oh well! I had another day with me man! I love being able to snuggle with him, and to go to bed kneeling next to him in prayer. On Wed I went to work with him again, and again it was great. He is always worrying about me being bored, but I read and tried to help him. The night rolled around and off to the airport we went again. I was hoping that it would be cancelled again, but no such luck! We did our usual goodbye ritual at the airport. Prayer followed by lots of kisses and longing looks as I walk away.
I am so grateful that I met Brad. That from the beginning we just connected. That when we are together it just feels so right. I cannot wait to be his wife!

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