Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4 months

Our little guy isn't that little anymore. He weighs 14.10lbs (50%) and is 25.5 in (75%) He has been a busy boy learning lots of new things! He found his toes (March 24th) and is always grabbing at them. He has been busy going to his brothers soccer games, and band concerts. He rolled over from tummy to back on April 10th and on his 4 month bday he rolled from back to tummy. He still has the funnest personality. he is always talking and smiling and laughing! For a couple weeks he was horrible at night up all the time crying. I figured it was gas, but after those weeks i finally took him into the Dr and he had an ear infection. I felt so bad waiting so long but he didn't have any of the signs of one! But he is all better now, but his sleeping is still off. So hopefully soon it will be better!

Easter Bunny

Canyon 3.5 months!

Dallan 12yr Landon 6 3/4 yr Caden 10 3/4 yr


This is our yearly tradition of going up to Farrugut State Park and going cabening! It is too cold at night to sleep in tents and this is a perfect way to get out and have some fun!

It was Canyon's first cabening trip and he also went on his first bike ride. He did well, but was ready to be done by the end!

The weather was beautiful! So, we spent a lot of time down by the lake skipping stones and trying to fish. Landon was playing in the freezing cold (38 degree) water and Brad bet him $20 if he would go under. So, Landon started to walk in and was up to his knees and just dropped and went under! He was so cold, but was a big boy and rode his bike back to the cabin to warm up! Of course I didn't have my camera!

Brad enjoying the sunshine....

On a hike around the lake. Look at the water! so pretty

We hiked to these docks but still had no luck with the fish.

I am so glad we started this tradition. Even though it is only the 2nd year it is something that we all look forward to doing!

Monday, April 4, 2011

3 months

I can not believe that Canyon is already 3 months! Everyday his personality is coming out! He is such a happy baby and is always laughing! He started grabbing his feet on 3/27. So grandma bought him some booties with rattles on them for him! After our trip he is not sleeping good at all! Oh well! We love you!

Road Trip!!!

We found out that Brad's grandpa had passed away so we decided to drive down for the funeral. Over the past month we had tried to by tickets to fly down and every time we were about to buy them something would happen to our cars so we could not get them. Obviously Heavenly Father knew we needed to wait! We headed out March 16th. Canyon was so good in the car! We made it down to Provo and stayed the night there! In the morning we met up with Don and Marylynn for breakfast. Then it was on the road again! We made it to Phoenix around 9pm that night. His sister Ginger let us stay at her house! Friday Brad was dying to get on his bike and go riding! So we packed up his bike and headed out again! I stayed at Christy and Dan's house while he rode and then we went to dinner with them! I am so glad they live there so we can see them!

The funeral was Saturday and it was amazing to see his grandfather in his temple whites. It makes you so grateful for the Gospel. It was a good chance for the WHOLE family to meet Canyon. Gene R Cook (Brad's uncle) was one of the speakers and there is just a special spirit that an Apostle has. That night the whole family came to Ginger;s and we hung out.

Sunday Maverick was getting blessed so Brad was able to partake in that. (I was a bad picture taker on this trip!!)

All the boys!

Brad with all the nieces and nephews!

We left Arizona Tuesday morning and drove back to Provo. The night we met up with Brads good friend John from when they were kids and had dinner! Oh the stories he told! Wed morning we headed over to see Cyril so he could see his new grandson.
After we left Cyril we had to go to the BYU bookstore and eat Cafe Rio!! By that time it was almost one and we decided to stay another night! We headed up to Salt Lake City and checked into our hotel and walked over to Temple Square. The weather was so nice.

There is something so special about Temple Square. I can';t wait till we can be sealed as a family.

While we were waiting to see the Joseph Smith movie Canyon with divine help sat up by himself!

Although the reason for the trip was a sad one, it was also a blessing. His grandpa lived a full life and was a great example to his whole family. It makes you take a minute to look around at the family you have and treasure every min you have with them.


During 6th grade the kids go thru the Dare program which teaches them the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Dallan made a pledge to stay drug free and they had a graduation. Can I just say I can't believe I am going to have a son in JR HIGH next year! We just filled out the paper work for his electives! It is so crazy!!

Summon the tooth fairy!

The tooth fairy hasn't had to come to our house in a while. The older boys have slowed down on their tooth loosing (is that even a word?) And even with Landon trying his hardest to lose a tooth with his lack of brushing and eating all the candy he can find he has had some trouble until now! Finally on March 7th 2011 at the ripe ol' age of 6 3/4 he finally lost his tooth. And he lost it at school so he was able to put it in one of those sweet treasure boxes! The sound of the tooth in the treasure box summoned the Yellow fairy to come that night and leave him with $5. My little boy is growing up!

Pinewood Dreby March 2011

For some reason this time of year always sneaks up on us! So shhh don't tell anyone, but he used the same car... Just put a new paint job on it and we were ready to go! During the preliminaries he could not be beat! His car was tearing down the track. It was so fun to watch Caden get so excited! I was starting to feel a little guilty. He can't win with an illegal car! Well, the finals came around and right before there were some technical problems. We did our best to fix it (the nail with his back tire wouldn't stay in and one of his weights came off nothing a little gum couldn't fix) Needless to say he didn't come in first but came in 4th. It was a good run!