Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4 months

Our little guy isn't that little anymore. He weighs 14.10lbs (50%) and is 25.5 in (75%) He has been a busy boy learning lots of new things! He found his toes (March 24th) and is always grabbing at them. He has been busy going to his brothers soccer games, and band concerts. He rolled over from tummy to back on April 10th and on his 4 month bday he rolled from back to tummy. He still has the funnest personality. he is always talking and smiling and laughing! For a couple weeks he was horrible at night up all the time crying. I figured it was gas, but after those weeks i finally took him into the Dr and he had an ear infection. I felt so bad waiting so long but he didn't have any of the signs of one! But he is all better now, but his sleeping is still off. So hopefully soon it will be better!

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