Monday, April 4, 2011

Road Trip!!!

We found out that Brad's grandpa had passed away so we decided to drive down for the funeral. Over the past month we had tried to by tickets to fly down and every time we were about to buy them something would happen to our cars so we could not get them. Obviously Heavenly Father knew we needed to wait! We headed out March 16th. Canyon was so good in the car! We made it down to Provo and stayed the night there! In the morning we met up with Don and Marylynn for breakfast. Then it was on the road again! We made it to Phoenix around 9pm that night. His sister Ginger let us stay at her house! Friday Brad was dying to get on his bike and go riding! So we packed up his bike and headed out again! I stayed at Christy and Dan's house while he rode and then we went to dinner with them! I am so glad they live there so we can see them!

The funeral was Saturday and it was amazing to see his grandfather in his temple whites. It makes you so grateful for the Gospel. It was a good chance for the WHOLE family to meet Canyon. Gene R Cook (Brad's uncle) was one of the speakers and there is just a special spirit that an Apostle has. That night the whole family came to Ginger;s and we hung out.

Sunday Maverick was getting blessed so Brad was able to partake in that. (I was a bad picture taker on this trip!!)

All the boys!

Brad with all the nieces and nephews!

We left Arizona Tuesday morning and drove back to Provo. The night we met up with Brads good friend John from when they were kids and had dinner! Oh the stories he told! Wed morning we headed over to see Cyril so he could see his new grandson.
After we left Cyril we had to go to the BYU bookstore and eat Cafe Rio!! By that time it was almost one and we decided to stay another night! We headed up to Salt Lake City and checked into our hotel and walked over to Temple Square. The weather was so nice.

There is something so special about Temple Square. I can';t wait till we can be sealed as a family.

While we were waiting to see the Joseph Smith movie Canyon with divine help sat up by himself!

Although the reason for the trip was a sad one, it was also a blessing. His grandpa lived a full life and was a great example to his whole family. It makes you take a minute to look around at the family you have and treasure every min you have with them.

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