Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The day was here. May 7th. That morning we went to the airport to pick up his dad and his girlfriend, then we went and picked up the cake. Then we went our separate ways so that we could get ready for the big day!
Katherine, mom, and Chrissy were busy getting Katherine's house decorated for the ceremony and small reception after. I am so grateful for all their help!

It is so nice to have family around you during these special moments in my life. I was anxious for the ceremony to start. I knew that I had found a man that I loved and did not want to live without. I cannot wait till the day comes when we can be sealed together for eternity in the Temple.

The boys looked to handsome all dressed up. Caden and Dallan were in charge of the rings!

I decided to have the boys walk me down to Brad. It was hard not falling in high heels on grass!!

Bishop McLaws presided over the ceremony for us. The weather turned out to be perfect.
All we could both do was smile. Knowing that we would soon be husband and wife.

Brad had had a dream that his wedding ring had turquoise in it. So, I went on the hunt for the perfect ring. I found a titanium ring with a thin stripe of turquoise running down the middle. It was so hard for me not to tell him, but I wanted him to be surprised! (I ordered the ring and it was supposed to be shipped so I would get it the day before the wedding, but it didn't come! So we tracked it down and found that the mailman had it is in his car and the post office called him and he was nice enough to bring it right to the house so we could have it in time!)

Brad was surprised by the ring. I love to make him happy!

Our new family. I gained a wonderful husband and the boys gained a great father.

Staci and Chadron came to help celebrate

Its legit now

The cake was sooo good! It was chocolate mint!

Danielle Suzanne and Erin

After everyone left we changed and went with the boys and Brads dad to go see Iron Man 2. Yes, maybe not the typical thing to do right after you get married but we wanted to spend some time with the boys. After the movie we stayed at the Ramada downtown and then headed out to Leavenworth in the morning.

Will you....

I flew down to visit yet again on April7th for a long weekend. We decided to get out of the heat and head up to Flagstaff for a couple days. We stayed at the Hilton and it was so nice! We slept in, ate out and went hiking.

Brad was acting up so I put him in time out! As usual we had a great time together and it was a fun weekend!

On April 21st Brad came up to Spokane for the weekend. We had been talking a lot about our future together, and what we both wanted.

So on Friday the 23rd we dropped the boys off at school and went to Riverside state park to walk around. It was a beautiful crisp sunny day.

Brad sat and pondered for a few minutes and then got down on one knee and confessed his love to me and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes, and he was swinging from the trees!

That night we took the boys to Applebees for dinner to tell them the good news. They were a little surprised by it, but were ok. It will be an adjustment for all of us, but I am so lucky to have found a man that i love to be with. I can't wait to start our future together.