Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh the agony of love...

Yes, I know this post is out of order, but who cares! (I promise the other ones will be up soon! I just know you are all dying to see what exciting things we have been up too!) I just have to express my despair to whoever wants to read it! The past week and a half have dragged I mean dragged on. The days have been excruciatingly slooowww. I have been trying to keep myself busy but running the kids to their practices, and even going to Seattle for 4 days with the fam, but even with all these activities the time has managed to almost stop. I know that I need to learn patients, but my heavens! Enough already! Let me think of the reasons time could be standing still....
1. I need to buy new shoes (nope bought 2 pairs and it didn't help!)
2. I need to get more crafting done during my day?
3. To give me extra time to read my Scriptures (doing that already!)
4. Spend quality time with the kiddos (everyday is quality time!!)
5. Maybe to spend extra time at the gym? (Nope an hour is long enough!)

I know why! It's is because i am in LOVE! The man I LOVE is not with me! Oh I know all your hearts ache for me, but in just 5 LONG SLOW days I will be back with him! I don't know how much longer I can take!
I love you Brad!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here we go a cabining....

Before Brad came we were trying to think of something fun to do with the boys. They had so much fun with the campfire last time Brad was up we figured we would try to do something like that. I was able to find some cabins that were open up at Farragut State Park on the Pend O'reille lake. On Thursday we dropped the kids off at school and he was hungry so we stopped at Sheri's for breakfast. He wanted Denny's but this is what we had to offer! Oh boy was he hooked! It makes me sick thinking back at all we ate there, but we ate there EVERY MORNING (except Sunday ) he was up !!!After breakfast we ran around picking up the goods that we needed to make this a great trip. Lots of yummy junk food, camping chairs, and of course the all important fishing pole to catch those monsters that were waiting for us. So, Friday we checked the kids out of school early and our adventure began! Well actually it began before we even started! Trying to get everything to fit in the car plus 5 bikes!

We finally arrived....and it is so beautiful! There were only a few other people up at the park so we had our own quiet piece of heaven! Right away the boys (and I mean all 4 of them) were anxious to go fishing! So, we hopped on our bikes and headed to the water. The ride was fun going in and out of the trees. Then we came to the monster of a hill. It was deep in the forest and was bumpy and steep. Halfway down was a wicked turn to the left that was only for the experienced. So, Brad took off and left us all by ourselves! JK! We could here the screams of past riders that didn't make it down, but I told Landon it was just the wind, and he would be just fine! So, off he went. Pretty soon his screams were all you could hear as the monster at the turn grabbed hold of his bike and he went flying face first into the forest floor! Oh how I wish I could have been video recording that fall! Luckily after a few tears, he was up and walked his bike down the rest of the way!

Finally at the waters front Brad was put to work baiting all the boys lines. They fished and fished waiting patiently for something anything to nibble, but no such luck tonight.

We rode our bikes back to the cabin and the men started on the fire! Time for some wieners on a stick! Brad liked his black:) After dinner we sat around the campfire making smores.

Pretty soon the boys were cold so they headed into the cabin. We stayed out for a bit longer enjoying the quietness that surrounded us! The stars were so bright and beautiful.

Lumberjack Brad!

Our small cabin!

In the morning we awoke and had breakfast by the fire, and then loaded up in search of the elusive fish! We headed to Athol (Yes Athol!) and Brad was told about a few lakes up the road. So, we headed there and went out on the dock. They boys cast and cast, but no fish.

So, then we went to Standpoint to grab some lunch and headed up to Priest Lake. I love this lake! it is so pretty! We stopped at a campground that was not opened yet, and headed down to the water, but the water was too shallow so that would just not work. Then we went to Hill's Resort that has a dock.

I love my mountain man!

We waited patiently for a couple hours and finally Brad had a bite!

Oh yeah! The only catch of the day! Some lake weed! You go boy! We packed up feeling defeated and started to head home. As we were coming out of the mountains Brad noticed a river that was running through it. Suddenly he was Brad Pitt with his waiters and fly fishing hat on!

So, Brad (Pitt) and Caden headed down to try their luck one last time. Even Brad Pitt could not have caught any fish!!

We had a great time with the boys that weekend! Brad is just a natural when it comes to kids! The boys have really grown to like Brad! I am so thankful for him that he wants to spend time with the boys like he does when he comes up to visit! The rest of the visit was pretty calm. Sunday we went to church and had a family dinner. Monday was my first day of puppy school with Jack. So, Brad came with me and half way through the class he went out and worked with Jack! It was so cute to watch him out there! After class we had worked up quite an appetite so where else did we go but to Sherri;s. Then we headed home to get his things and off to the airport. I get soooo tired of saying goodbye. When we get to the airport we do our normal ritual! Head to a quiet part and sit down and say a prayer together. Then walk back to security and kiss and hug say our I heart yous and off he goes. :(