Thursday, February 24, 2011

Landon: I just LOVE suck nuts
Me: Ummmm what are suck nuts?
Landon: Duh the nuts you suck to get all the salt off!

Thursday, February 10, 2011



2/9/11 On Monday (2/7) was the first time he frowned! Brad's beard poked him and he didn't like it. We were trying to get a pic of it so Landon let out a yell and there you go!

My two cute boys! 2/5/11

2/9/11 Landon loves being a Big Brother. He is always coming in to talk to him or sing to him. Now that Canyon is smiling and laughing Landon tries to make him do it all the time. He is also always wanting to see how big his poops are!

1 month

Man time flies... At his check up he weighed 10.5lbs 22in. Our little man is growing too fast. Due to a mix up he didn't have his circumcision till Jan 18th, and it was horrible! He cried and cried so hard that the Dr. had to put stitches all around it to keep it from bleeding so much. Shortly after he turned one month his crying started to subside thank goodness. He still wasn't sleeping that well so I went and bought a Halo sack that wraps him up really tight to keep his arms down and that helped a ton.

He went to a lot of Cadens basketball games his first month! Go Caden

We are so totally in love with you. He is one of the squeakiest babies I have ever heard. He is constantly making noises whether he is asleep or awake. At about 3 weeks he started to smile. There is nothing better than having him look at you and smile. Around 6 weeks he really started cooing. Before I know it he will be asking me for the keys to the car!

He is 12!

For Dallan's 12th birthday we met up with his friends at Subway for dinner. He wanted to do Laserqwest too, but we told him not this year. So, he had planned to have his friends come over and spend the night. Little did he know we were going down for same laser action!
Dallan you are such a great son and brother. I am so proud at the man you have become. I love you!


Micah Joaquin Pete Hannah Docker

What our first month looked like!

He was not a happy baby his first few weeks home. He pretty much cried when he was awake. He was a gassy baby just like his daddy. On Jan 1st his belly button fell off. Even though he cried non stop and we didn't get much sleep we still ove you!

First week at home

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Christmas

Canyon's first Chrsitmas!

Yes, there are WAY to many presents!

8 days old

We picked up the boys around 10am and headed home to open presents. This year was the year of the guns! Grandma bought all the boys including grandpa guns!

Daddy getting a handbook :)

Landon is finally a big brother!

We had a great Christmas with all our family

Monday, February 7, 2011

Santa Baby

We left the hospital and went home to change and headed downtown with the family to get Santa pictures! Now my parents have 7 grandsons!

Our four boys!

Canyon 4 days old meeting Santa. Too bad he didn't wake up for it!

Canyon and Avery. We came home and did our usual Christmas Eve so the boys could play all the games with us (Gary had called the day before to say he was coming up to spend Christmas with the boys)

On Christmas Eve we went to Coeur D'Alene with everyone to see the lights. Then we headed to Shakeys to have pizza for Chrissy's birthday!