Thursday, February 10, 2011

1 month

Man time flies... At his check up he weighed 10.5lbs 22in. Our little man is growing too fast. Due to a mix up he didn't have his circumcision till Jan 18th, and it was horrible! He cried and cried so hard that the Dr. had to put stitches all around it to keep it from bleeding so much. Shortly after he turned one month his crying started to subside thank goodness. He still wasn't sleeping that well so I went and bought a Halo sack that wraps him up really tight to keep his arms down and that helped a ton.

He went to a lot of Cadens basketball games his first month! Go Caden

We are so totally in love with you. He is one of the squeakiest babies I have ever heard. He is constantly making noises whether he is asleep or awake. At about 3 weeks he started to smile. There is nothing better than having him look at you and smile. Around 6 weeks he really started cooing. Before I know it he will be asking me for the keys to the car!

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