Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh the agony of love...

Yes, I know this post is out of order, but who cares! (I promise the other ones will be up soon! I just know you are all dying to see what exciting things we have been up too!) I just have to express my despair to whoever wants to read it! The past week and a half have dragged I mean dragged on. The days have been excruciatingly slooowww. I have been trying to keep myself busy but running the kids to their practices, and even going to Seattle for 4 days with the fam, but even with all these activities the time has managed to almost stop. I know that I need to learn patients, but my heavens! Enough already! Let me think of the reasons time could be standing still....
1. I need to buy new shoes (nope bought 2 pairs and it didn't help!)
2. I need to get more crafting done during my day?
3. To give me extra time to read my Scriptures (doing that already!)
4. Spend quality time with the kiddos (everyday is quality time!!)
5. Maybe to spend extra time at the gym? (Nope an hour is long enough!)

I know why! It's is because i am in LOVE! The man I LOVE is not with me! Oh I know all your hearts ache for me, but in just 5 LONG SLOW days I will be back with him! I don't know how much longer I can take!
I love you Brad!


  1. Shoes didn't help--oh no!!
    So is he coming or are you going? And how many days has it been exactly.

    Oh, and by the way, I am happy you are in LOVE! What a wonderful feeling.

  2. Shoes have always helped! So, it must be true love!!Lets see it has been 12 DAYS! It really has seemed like FOREVER! I go down Wed afternoon till Monday! Can't wait! I also can't wait to see you in Utah this summer!