Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A day of rest...

Oh how I love the Sabbath Day. A day to relax with the family, and to go to church to learn more about our Savior. In the morning we woke early to the pitter patter sounds of kids and dogs feet. By today it just felt so natural to have him here. To be able to see him every morning, and to spend the day with him doing whatever. Our relationship has always been comfortable. He has seen me first thing in the morning without any makeup on and with dragon breath, and I am OK with that! Obviously he is too because he is still around.
Anyways, we made waffles for breakfast, and then got ready for church. Of course when we walked in to the Chapel I saw the heads turn. People wondering who is this tall handsome mysterious stranger! All the ladies were jealous when they saw he was with me!! There is nothing better than sitting in church with a man you care for, and listening to the teachings of Christ.
After church we did our usual grocery shopping at Subway for that nights dinner. Kindra and Jeremy and kids came over for dinner. We just had a relaxing night, and capped it off with laying in bed watching TV. I love our nightly cuddle sessions. Just laying there in each others arms was so comforting. If we are to get married I don't think I want a TV in our room! He liked the cable a little too much. I was feeling neglected! JK

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