Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Thursday we headed up to Mt. Spokane to try out their new tubing hill. Sometimes new isn't always better!

Brad psyching himself up!

Needless to say the tubing hill was bad. It was short and not steep, and there were a hundred people there. So, we headed to the car and went half way down the mountain to the old tried and true tubing hill.

Tubing is way more fun when you don't have to walk up the hill!

All the boys had a blast! All 4 of them. They raced each other down the mountain time and time again. And time and time again brad won, and rubbed it in their faces!

Landon is wearing my old goggles from when I was his age! He wears pink well!

No, this is not an optical illusion. Yes, my tongue is really that long! He is just jealous!

Landon wanted to ride up with Brad, and ride down with him. Thank you Brad for being so good to my boys.

They were trying to hit me with a snowball, but they were not successful!

Brad had Landon ride down on his back. They were racing Dallan, and Caden and they won! After tubing we headed home and the boys had friends come over and spend the night, and we headed out for dinner.

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