Friday, January 22, 2010

It's so hard to say goodbye...

Oh Sunday...a day of rest. A day to worship our Heavenly Father. A day to spend with family. A day to say goodbye :( With the start of the New Year church started at 9. So, we woke up and got ready and went! There is just something special about sitting in Sacrament meeting with your man. To be able to hold his hand, or rub his back. Then to be able to go sit in Sunday school together and read the Scriptures together and of course hold hands!
After church we stopped at Subway and then headed home.
Yes he was sad to leave. I was sad to have him leave. Having him here for 10 days was SOOOO NICE. I loved having him around. Yes, we did not do the most exciting of things while he was here, but it was like real life. I enjoy him so much. Even if its just sitting around. We just have fun together, and when he is not around I miss him. So, its a good thing that I am going down in just a few short weeks. I am flying down the 15th for my birthday.
Thank you Brad for coming up and spending Christmas with me and my family. Thank you for being an amazing man, and for choosing me. I feel very lucky!

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