Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rolling Rolling down the lane

After a long and grueling 2 1/2 weeks Brad was up for a visit. I think this was the longest break we had, and it was TOO LONG! He came in Thursday the 11th, and once I picked him up from the airport we headed straight for Tomato Street! He needed his Lazoni! After that we headed home. This trip he wanted to spend a lot of time with the boys!

It just so happened the boys had a 4 day weekend so on Friday we took them bowling. There were some tense moments as we watched the pins fall down, but in the end I was victorious!! We all had a fun time though...

Brad giving his expert advice!

He just wishes his tongue was as long as mine!

Unfortunately Landon turned into an ape while he waited for his turn
On Saturday day we took the boys out to the skate park again for the day. Because Brad broke Caden's skateboard last time he brought him up his good skateboard to have. (See he is such a great guy!!) brad showed his skillz, and his falls to all of us!

Since Valentine's Day was on Sunday I thought we should go out Saturday night for our date, but he thought it would be better to stay and do something with the boys, so we had a campfire and roasted smores. When he said he wanted to stay and hang with the boys I knew what kind of father he would be. Caden helped him gather wood and Brad taught him how to chop it, and then they worked on getting it started!

The smores and roaring fire were enjoyed by all. Brad googled up ghost stories to read!

Yes they are pyros!

Because it was sooo fun doing the fire we did it again Sunday after family dinner! Caden told mom that he wanted a beanie like Brads that was knitted so on Monday before Brad flew out we went to REI and Brad picked one out for him. He mailed it to him later that week! Caden was so excited! I am so glad that we have continued to be able to see each other every few weeks! I miss him so much when he is not with me! I am thankful for how amazing he is with the boys. They can be handfuls a lot of the times, but he is patient with them! Thanks Brad for another amazing weekend!

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