Sunday, August 12, 2012

Christmas 2011

We did our usual Christmas Eve with pizza and games at grandma and grandpas house.  Then it was off to our house to get ready for Santa to come!  The boys sprinkled the reindeer food and all slept down in Dallans room!
It was so nice having Christmas morning at our house!
 We told them they could not wake up before 6 am and right on the nose they call us and let us know they were ready for Christmas to start!

 The boys big presents from Santa this year were tablets like the kindle.  They were all excited!  Even Daddy got one!

 Canyon woke up a little later and got to open all his presents.  Then we headed over to Grandmas and Granpas to open more!  Katherine Eric Avery Aunt Chrissy Uncle Gary and Brian were all there!
 Dallan and his footie pj's

After all the present opening they boys headed into the woods to play airsoft.  It was a great Christmas

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