Tuesday, June 12, 2012

1st Aiprlane trip

We went down to Arizona the beginning of December for the annual family reunion.  It was fun seeing all the family and for them to see Canyon.  It was also his first airplane trip/  Lets just say I felt sorry for the people sitting next to us on the way down!  He does not like to sit still and when he is tired all he wants is his bed!

 We went to the Mesa Temple and walked around and looked at all the lights.  I love being able to walk Temple grounds especially at Christmas time.
 We had an early 1st birthday party so we could celebrate it with this part of the family.
Brad was able to mountain bike (even though it was so hot at 55 degrees!  he is a pacific north westerner!)  I was able to spend some time with Christy! 

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  1. Yes, an update! Let's see some pictures of the newest baby. :)