Wednesday, January 23, 2013

She's here!!!

I had been feeling like this little girl was going to be early and I as right!  Monday afternoon I was getting ready to take Dallan to soccer practice when my water broke.  Being that she was my 5th the nurse said to get to the hospital fast!  So we gathered our things and headed to the hospital.  As we were driving there I expected these awful contractions and Brad having to drive like a crazy man to get us to the hospital before he had to deliver this baby in the car....but nothing was happening!  I walked up to the L&D floor not feeling ANYTHING!!  We checked in and Dr. Fine came and checked me and I was about a 4.  So, we walked and ate and watched movies and still nothing,  Late that night they decided to start inducing me to get things going.  The nurse told my mom and Aunt Chrissy you better not leave once she gets this medicine in her she will go fast its her 5th baby after all!  Well....that wasn't the case! Nothing seemed to get this baby girl out!  Tuesday around 2 in the afternoon when the medicine was up to 9 (10 is the highest)  I finally started having contractions.  I got the epidural and waited to push.  Of course she had to be sideways and face up but eventually she came out the girl we have all waited for!

 She weighed 7lb 9 oz and was 21 in long born  @ 5:45pm

Nothing like a daddy and his daughter!

She was perfect except for the cone head!

Dad had the boys so he brought the big brothers in to see their new baby sister!  Still seems so weird to have a daughter!

We decided on Ainsley Mae.  I have liked the name Ainsley for a while and Mae was Bompys middle name.  What better than the first girl to carry on with Bompys name.

Luckily she was healthy and we were able to go home the next day.  There is nothing better than those first couple weeks of a new babies life.  I am so grateful that she is happy and healthy

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