Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Special Day!

Today was such a special day!  Landon was getting baptized! (June 2 2012) Brad and I got him his own scriptures and case to celebrate this special day! 
 His baptism was in the afternoon so we had time to go see an airshow.  We all know how much Landon loves his airplanes!
                       We were able to watch this huge B-52 bomber fly in and land!  IT was pretty cool!
 The boys thought it was all pretty cool, until mom pulls out the camera!  Dallan 13yr Caden 12 yr
 After the fun at the airshow it was time to get ready for the baptism.  I do not think I can express what a special and happy day this was for me and for us as a family.  Landon is the first one to get baptized at 8, and he was getting baptized by Brad! 
                                                         Father and Son!  So clean in white!
 Brads mom and sisters Tanya and Ginger came up for the weekend.  It was neat to have them there!
                                  Right before the plunge!  Brad was nervous that he would mess up but he did great!  He is such a great example to the boys.  He got chocked up while performing the baptism and again while he confirmed Landon.  I hope one day the boys will be worthy to be able to use their priesthod to bless their families! 
Landon was baptized along with a couple other kids from the ward so the program was already set up and we didnt have to give a talk.

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