Thursday, January 6, 2011

December 12th the due date came and went. Then the next day came and went, and the next..(you get my drift!) I knew I did not want to have this baby on Christmas so I decided to be induced. I really didn't want to, but oh well! So after the boys Christmas concert at school on Thursday the 16th Brad and I headed to the hospital. We arrived around 9pm, and were settled in our room. Carolyn Light from the ward was my nurse. She informed me that Dr. Fine had a star by my name (Yes I am a star!) because he wanted to make sure he delivered me. As a result she was only allowed to give me a minute amount of petocin all night! Around 9am Dr Fine (I just love his name!) came to check and not much had happened DUH! (While we had all this time waiting we were trying to decide a name. Brad had gone down to the cafeteria and said that when he was walking back the name Canyon Cedar came to him and he knew that is what he should be called! SO now we had a name now we just needed a baby!) So, they started upping the dosage. By 11am the contractions were finally starting to come. So, i decided to get an epidural then because after all this is my 4th and he is just going to come shooting out right?? Thankfully the epidural went in without any problems.(Brad was just taking everything in. With it being his first time it was all so interesting to him!) Dr Fine came back in around 1pm to check and I was still at a 4. I was beginning to think this baby did not want to join us at all. So, they upped the petocin again. Finally around 5pm the nurse checked and I was at 9 almost ready to have this baby! They called the Dr down because after all it is my 4th so he will just come flying out! Of course he didn't!

The brothers waiting to see the new addition!

Finally after 1 1/2 hours of pushing our new son came out face up and sideways (you should have seen his cone head!!)

Welcome Canyon Cedar Haws
There is nothing like holding your brand new baby. The automatic love that comes over you the minute you lay eyes on him. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to have such an amazing son with my amazing husband. Brad cut the cord when he came out. I think watching him be born was a surreal experience for Brad.

He was a big boy weighing 8lbs 3oz 20 1/2in long 13 3/4 head

From the beginning he was a strong boy. He tried to roll over while the nurse was checking him over. Little did we know what was to lie ahead for him. I am thankful that he was big and strong.

Mom, Dad, Katherine, and Chrissy, and the boys were all there and came in to meet Canyon. (Dad wasn't too sure about the name!)

Canyon and Avery
Our Family!

He is such a perfect boy. I am so in love

His first bath!

Proud papa!

Daddy changing the first diaper. Throughout the first night the nurse noticed that he was breathing a little fast. So, when Lon the pediatrician came to check him the Sat morning he was a little concerned so he ordered a chest x-ray to check on his lungs.

The x-ray showed that his lungs were inflamed and the his CRP levels (which detects infections) were high. The normal is 1.5 or less and his were at 4.8 . So, the doctor ordered him to be on antibiotics to fight the infection. It was a scary time for us because we did not know how serious the infection was. I just prayed that our little son would be ok, and that he would be able to pull through whatever was ailing him. We called dad to have him come and give Canyon a healing blessing. I am so grateful for the Priesthood and the Gospel in our lives.

Our poor son had to have an IV put in. At first they tried both his arms and then both his legs before they were able to get it in. Brad went in with Canyon while they did this and broke down watching his son go through it. Every 12 hours he would have his antibiotics pumped into his tiny body. Then every morning they would come and take blood to see if he was getting any better. On Sunday his level was down to 4, and on Monday down to 2.5. During that time his IV came out and they had to put it in his left arm. It is such a helpless feeling watching your child being pain. You want more than anything to be able to step in their shoes and take the pain for them. It was a hard first few days. Luckily we were able to stay in our room during this time.

Monday morning his jaundice levels had gone up so he had to be under the lights all day. He hated the goggles he had to wear and was always pulling them off. We were hopeful that if he spent the day under the lights it would clear up and maybe we could go home Tuesday.
(apparently we were all under thelights in this picture!)

Fianlly Tuesday 21st morning we were given a clean bill of health and we were able to leave the hospital 4 days after he was born! Daddy gave him a bath so he would be nice and clean.

Lets get out of this hospital and get home with our family!

I am so happy to be a new mom. I am so happy to have found a great husband to start a new life with. I am so happy that Canyon is a healthy boy now. I am so happy!

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