Sunday, January 2, 2011

November was a busy month. Caden is playing basketball and both of the boys are playing school volleyball.

We received a record breaking 22 in of snow in November so of course we had to go to Holmburg Park and go sledding!

I even went down a few times trying to get Thor to come out!

Dallan is in advanced band this year and is still playing the saxophone. He had his Christmas concert and did a great job!

Caden is in beginning band and is playing the trombone. Of course he had a Christmas
concert too

And of course it was Thanksgiving the Bastian's came over for it too

The best sledding video ever! Landon and Brad

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  1. FUN!
    And can I just say, Caden is so handsome! Wish I had a daughter a little older, so he and Landon could marry into our family. :)