Saturday, January 14, 2012

4th of July

Big Fork has a great parade that we went to. Katherine lives just a couple blocks from the main street so we were able to just walk.

Canyon's first parade.

We had to get there a little early so we could get seats so Canyon took a little nap before all the fun.

After the parade we headed back to the house and took Canyon to the lake. He loves water!

It was finally time to head down to watch the fireworks. Their neighbor does his own amazing display right off the dock. It was awesome.

Everyone waiting !

These fireworks were huge and literally right above our heads!

Luckily Canyon liked it and the big bangs didn't scare him!

It was such a fun trip!

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  1. Love all the updates, but you still have a bunch to do! Canyon is so cute, I love his smile.