Saturday, January 14, 2012

Daddy's heaven on earth!

We headed up to Big Fork, Mt for the 4th of July holiday. The first day we headed up to Glacier. Brad was literally in heaven. We drove to the east side of the park to Many Glaciers. We did a beautiful trail that led to a waterfall. They had record snow that year and some of the trails were closed due to the snow pack.

Canyon was so good. he was in his backpack for a long time and just looked around!

This little boy takes after his daddy and loves being outdoors

When we headed back down he crashed.
That night everyone else came up to Katherine's and so the next day we headed back up to Glacier with the whole family.

We just went to the touristy stops with them.

This lake (McDonald I think) was so beautiful and the prettiest green color.

We had a picnic lunch then we headed out to do some real hiking!

This time we headed to the northwest part of the park. We went on dirt, gravel roads to get up to Bowman lake. Brad was determined to see a bear, but Canyon turned into our bear replant. I guess he had his fill of the backpack the day before and did not want to be in it today. We lasted about 10 min on our hike. We went back by the shore of the lake and just enjoyed the beauty. I think Canyon and I cramped Brads style this trip!

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