Thursday, July 17, 2014

August 2013 Hike to Fault Lake

 So in August we decided that we would backpack up the 6 miles (all uphill!) to Fault Lake and campout over night.  Well we finally made it to the top, because I am slow!  It was so pretty and the lake was amazing.  We pitched our little tent and made dinner and relaxed.  Of course a storm was going crazy behind one of the peaks and we just prayed it wouldn't come over to us and it didn't.  On the way down we picked the largest huckleberries I have ever seen!  I am glad that I did it, but think I will let Brad have fun on his own next time!  I made sure we had our bear spray!

Earlier that month we found out that I was pregnant.  I couldn't believe it!  baby #6 was on her way!

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