Thursday, July 17, 2014

Christmas 2013

 I love Christmas morning.  I love that the older boys are still as excited as they were when they were little.  I love seeing their faces when they come up and see what Santa brought!  It is a magical time!
 We told them they could not wake us up before 6:30 so right on the dot they called and let us know they were ready!  Canyon and Ainsley were still asleep so we started without them!

 Dallan and Caden got a lot of mountain biking stuff and Santa brought them Contour cameras!

                                                Santa brought Landon the shoes he wanted!
 Canyon woke up around 7:30 so he joined in on the fun!

 He got a lot of firetrucks and trains!
 We got Landon a specialized bike!  He was so excited !
 We had to wake Ainsley up so we could go over to Grandmas house.  Lets just say everyone had fun buying for a girl!  She now has lots of baby dolls!

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