Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The long drive home...

On May 20th I flew down to AZ to get my husband back!! Even though it had only been 10 days it felt much much longer :) So, we packed him up and cleaned out his condo. Ate at Cafe Rio a few times!! His family threw a reception for us at Gingers house on Saturday and after that we hit the road. We rented a small U-Haul trailer to tow behind his truck. The first night we stopped in Flagstaff. Then on the 23rd we drove 12 hours to Utah. We stopped in Payson to see Don and Marylynn. Then we made a stop to see Brads dad. He had not seen him since he was 8. It was a hard decision for Brad, but int he end he looked him up and called him. It was nice to meet him, and it turned out to be a good stop. Both father and son were able to say what they needed to say and I hope that they will be able to continue to work on their relationship. I am also so glad that I was able to be there with Brad.

So, we sleep in on Monday morning and wake up to four inches of snow!! Luckily by the time we left most of it had melted.

We drove to Missoula and stopped for the night. I love that area it is so pretty. We pulled off an exit by the river to take pictures and it smelled horrible. Pretty soon we realized why! There were dead deer and other animal carcases and body parts everywhere! It was weird!

We made it back HOME (yes Brad Spokane, WA is now your home! At least for now!) on Tuesday just in time for Cadens orchestra concert! Now the real fun begins! Living the life of a family.

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