Sunday, December 26, 2010

To the coast and back...

July 19th we headed out on the open road for a road trip to the Oregon Coast. I love the coast and wanted to take Brad there. On our way there we stopped at the falls. It was gorgeous. Then it was back on the road!

We arrived at Beverly Beach campground that evening and set up the tent and headed straight to the beach to see the sunset. The weather was good most of the time we were there.

Thor at 4 months :)

Brad having fun on the beach. The water was a little too cold to go in to swim so we rode our bikes on the beach and went for walks. One day we drove up to Lincoln City and went shopping at the outlets and looked around the city. Of course we had to eat at Mo;s and have their famous clam chowder!

We found where some of the tide pools were and hiked over to them. We found lots of star fish. It was neat to see all the colors! My flip flop broke and my knight in shinning armour gave up one of his shoes so I would not hurt my feet on the rocks. What a great husband I have!

We went to some of the different look out points over the ocean. I love the Oregon coast it is so pretty!

Brad hiked up the stream a ways while I relaxed on the beach.

We stayed 4 night on the coast. Luckily the campground had nice hot showers and flush toilets! I think I am starting to like camping again. It was fun at night to sit around the fire and just spend time the two of us. I am so glad that we made these few trips while it was just the two of us. I love my husband!! On Friday the 23rd we packed up and headed to Mt Rainier. We didn't have reservations so we were hoping we could find something. Everything in the park was taken so we found a site just outside of the park. It only had an outhouse and that was not a good thing! The first time I went in there I was gagging so bad that i threw up all over my shirt. Being pregnant and camping is a little hard :) Luckily the next day we packed up and headed back into the park and found a spot and there was flushable toilets!! Brad went out on a hike up the mountain and I relaxed around camp and drove into the town to pick up a few supplies.

While he was on his hike he ran into a mama bear and her two cubs.

I think he was in heaven on this part of the trip. He wants to climb to the top, but he is a daddy now and I want to keep my husband :) It was beautiful there

We lucked out weather wise the whole trip. It was pretty blue skies!

On Sunday we went up to the Sunrise peak and did a long hike. It felt good to be out and about but being up so high man it tool my breath away!

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