Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our First Kiss

How could i have forgotten to talk about "the kiss", i tell ya living here in the dirt a.k.a. arizona just does wonders to the brain sometimes!!!
So robin and i had talked before she even came down about not kissing at all on this trip. We agreed that we should strive to keep this trip about getting to know and grow with one another. When i picked her up at the airport and saw her there i so wanted to just kiss her sweet full lips right then and there, but i gave a nice kiss on the cheek instead. I couldnt hold out any longer, every time i looked at her beautiful face and sweet smile i just wanted to lay a fat one on her lips. I'd kiss her cheeks, neck, forehead and nose even, and i remember her stating at one point that"you can kiss everything except my lips?" LoL yea babe for now thats how its going to be. WELL.........that all changed sunday morning. I was finishing up getting ready for church and i stopped and looked at her then embrassed her for a nice hug, our eyes met and i kissed her on the cheek than went in for the kill. I was like a kamakazi pilot, BBBOOONNNZZZAAAAIIIIII!!!! I couldnt wait any longer i had held out for a day and a half and it was wonderful. That was such a awesome way to start my sabbath, to be in the arms of the woman i had fallen for right before heading to praised our Beloved Savior.
i couldnt get enough kisses in before she left, i wish she could have just stayed. i miss my pacific northwesterner so much, i think, smile, pray and long for her. The great news is that I AM going up to visit her and da boys and her family for 9 days starting christmas eve. What an exciting time in my life it is right now with robin by my side and i cant wait to see what the future holds for robin and i.

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