Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our first photo taken together on dec.4th 2009. I had driven to the airport that morning to pick her up, met her in the baggage claim, carousel 5. At first i didn't see her, but there she was standing behind one of the big pillars. I was nervous as heck, but thought she was even more beautiful in person than the daily photos we swapped. I couldn't believe she was here, we had talked about this for a few weeks now and the moment was finally here and i was delighted very much to finally look upon her. After grabbing her luggage we decided to go and get some hot chocolate at the Starbucks in the Barnes and nobles at the Tempe marketplace. She grabbed a mint hot chocolate and i a African shakazooloo something or other that wasn't pleasant to the taste buds! we sat and conversed for about an hour and just talked and laughed. I couldn't help stop looking at her, she has a wonderful smile and gorgeous eyes that i just couldn't help noticing. Then we were off to Target, she insisted that i get a Christmas tree this year along with lights, ornaments and oh so wonderful garland.(which our 2 strands look so wonderful i might add) we spent a good amount of time just walking around holding hands and just enjoying one another company, the goods were bought and we ten left for my home to lounge for a bit. The plan for the night was cafe rio, pick out a Christmas tree and go to the temple to look at the Christmas lights. cafe rio tasted so goooood, the tree was bought and off to the temple we went. What a marvelous time we had at the temple, enjoying all the beautiful lights, stop to look at the temple and all of its beauty and talking about our spiritual desires. We spent a good hour of more walking laps around the grounds, just holding hands and talking to one another. We headed back to the house to put up the tree and lights together. I couldn't have asked for a better first date.

Saturday, slept in till roughly 11am, that was a first for her in a very long time, me on the other hand.....i love sleeping in! i was offered to do a side job at 130, so we hurried and got dressed and a bite to eat. we then spent more time waiting for the home owner to get to his house than it did for me to install. i felt awkward having robin with me, not that i didn't want her there i just didn't want to waste her vacation time with me installing. It all worked out and we then had my brothers open house to get to. This was a tad nerve racking for me. Shes been here one day and she was about the meet the familia for the first time. It was cool to see my family to accept her in and make her feel comfortable, all the while long i worried that they would do nothing but embarrass me. WE PREVAILED!!! We then hit up the local Kohl's because she had some kohl's dollar's to use up before the following day. She ended up buying me this grey argyle sweater, thank you i really like it. That night we decided on dinner and the movie 2012. Dinner at chili's which is always tasty and had a wonderful conversation about our feelings for one another and about future possibilities. Then it was time to watch a realistic movie about whats going to happen in 2012, and all i can say is, thank goodness for Hollywood! you bubbling idiots!!!! only California is going to break off of the continent. We both enjoyed the movie but weren't totally stoked to have seen it, anyways off to the pad to go ni night........sweet dreams robin.
Sunday morning, fast and testimony meeting, first time ever bringing a young lady to my ward, let the games begin LoL. It was nice to have her by my side, she looked very beautiful in a black top and skirt with a grey sweater over that. As for me, i was sporting a nice pair of black trousers, white shirt and gold tie with the new grey sweater that was boughten for me the day before. We sat and strived to sing together and enjoyed being close to one another in the lords house, ohh yea, there was much holding of the hands the entire time, plus she wrote on my back with her finger"i am falling for you".[sidebar] I can honestly say that from just about the very beginning, robin and i have had a awesome time getting to know one another. I have never been more honest with anyone in my life, i have divulged everything to her and vice versa. Robin is an amazing woman and damn fine too. I have over 35 photos that i look at on a daily basis and find her to be very beautiful and wonderful to look at. And when i saw her there at the airport she was more beautiful than the photos. I love everything about her. We have laughed together, cried together, read scriptures and prayed together, we talk and texted for hours and i find myself missing her and wanting to know more and more about her when i am not in contact with her. Our friendship came when i least expected it but very well needed it. My life has not been the same since she has entered into it! I thank My Heavenly Father and Savior for blessing me with a wonderful friend. [ok im back] Sunday school went was good though i struggled to stay awake, and we separated for our last hour, and thank you Liesl Webb for taking her under your wing, you and your husband are the bomb! Headed home for a nap before going over to moms for dinner with the family again. It was fun to play with my nephews and nieces and to watch robin interact with all of them, they enjoyed her there. After dinner we came back to the house and started watching a movie till we got tired and then crashed.
Monday morning was another late start, i believe robin is starting to enjoy those. LoL we just hung out at the house and chatted for a few hours before getting a quick bowl of cereal and getting ready for lunch with the Bishop family. We were to meet them at P.F.Changs and it had been sometime since i had eaten at one so i was looking for ward to it, but nervous to meet her friends. Lunch was good and the company were even better, such a wonderful and delight some family. Their youngest daughter is such a cutie. Tonight was the night for robin to meet the entire family. See each year we have a family Christmas dinner and it consists of.....well.....basically the whole enchilada. And still, even at the age of 35, i was put at the kiddie table! but i did draw some sweet pictures with the crayons they had there. I introduced to her to some of my family members and there were some who came up and introduced themselves to her. They loved her, exact words from one person is "shes a keeper", and that she is. Neither one of us at much at the dinner so we were hungry afterwards so off to In n Out it was and brought it back to the house to grub on while watching kung fu panda which robin hadn't seen yet, such a hilarious movie in my opinion.
Tuesday morning rolls around and neither one of us got up till 10:30, yet we laid in bed for the next 3 and a half hours just talking, it was so cool. We just do that though, we have 2 or more hour conversations on the phone frequently, plus lengthy conversations since shes been in town. 2 o clock rolls around and we figure we better get out of bed and do the running around we need to do. i couldn't believe it, this was her last day here, it had finally come and i was saddened at the thought of not being able to see her first thing in the morning and to smile as i look at her beautiful face. All i could do was enjoy the last hours we had together before she headed home. Varies errands were ran and then we went over to the temple to walk around for a bit and take photos. I loved being there with her on those sacred grounds. We had some time to kill before heading to the airport so we just came back to the house and chilled. We held each other and looked into one anothers eyes and continued to talk about the gospel and what we desired spiritually and for the future and then she said "I'm going to miss you" and it took a few seconds but i just started crying and told her that i was going to miss her as well. And after that point i was an emotional wreck,LoL Every night we read scriptures and knelt together in prayer, every single night and i loved that. As we were standing in the dining room embarrassing one another we talked about our feelings for one another. And during that time i said a prayer asking that i might fully understand the feelings i had for robin and to be able to communicate them to her when the time is right. Well that time was shorter than i had thought, i mentioned how i loved being with her and loved spending these last 5 days together. And then she said the words "i love you" and it pierced my heart, and i felt this warm feeling come over me and i reply those same exact words to her "i love you". It was clear to me at that very moment, what our future held for one another. I held her and embraced her tightly with an overwhelming feeling inside me. We went and knelt for one last prayer together and robin wanted me to say it. I didn't any further than Our Beloved when i just started crying again, i tried to compose myself but i couldn't hold it back. I found someone that i cherish and deeply love and i was very grateful to My Heavenly Father for bringing us together and He needed to be thanked, i cried because i was going to miss her and desired to be with her everyday, i cried because i had finally let someone into my heart and they took it and embarrassed it with all their soul. We arrived at the airport a tad early so we found an area to sit and just held and kissed one another. Then it was time for her to go through security, i found myself not wanting to let her go and trying to get as many small kisses in as i could before she really had to go. We said our goodbyes and i love yous and she started walking away from me, i followed her as she rounded the corner and watched her through the glass and i just started crying again, she'd turn around and wave and id wave back with tearing flowing down my cheeks. Then she got to the security lanes and i prayed that if someone up in heaven was listening or watching that they'd have her turn around more last time before finally going through AND SHE DID, and i just caved in. The woman i love, the woman i just spend 5 wonderful days growing closer to than anyone else was leaving me and it sucked BUTT!! She walked through security and i walked back to where i could see her walking down the aisle to her gate till i couldn't see her any longer. I cried for a few moments as i walked back to my truck. We were able to talk once more before when she was on the plane before she took off and i just couldn't help but start to tear up again. As i sit her and type this all out my heart aches to be away from her, i miss her and love that beautiful young woman.

[side blog] Robin means the world to me, our friendship has grown so much in the few weeks we have known each other, the feelings we have had for one another have blossomed into a wonderful relationship that i cherish so very much. I look at robin at want to be with her for forever, sealed for all time and eternity. I have been blessed with such a magnificent woman, she is caring, loving, honest, loyal, selfless,spiritual, beautiful and the list goes on. Both of us have known for awhile now that there was something special between us, we just had that peaceful thought about one another. Ive have never had so much in common with someone before, we find ourselves saying just how weird things are working out between us. Weird probably isn't the proper word, but it has been weird. The trials i was going through came to a boiling point just a few days into talking with robin on the phone and after that POOF it all slipped away. She has been a blessing in my life since then, a helpmate if i may say. I have been able to call her when i was feeling horrible and at the end of our conversation i was feeling much better and that had happened on 3 separate occasions. She is my support and i love how i know i can go to her with anything and we can talk about it and give counsel to one another. I cant wait to experience life with her, raise our children in the gospel together, grow old with one another and cherish each other everyday.

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