Sunday, December 6, 2009


1.she lives in spokane area, ive had a strong desire to move up to the same area
2.Birthday July 16, January 16th
3.Waffles over pancakes
4.Pulpy OJ
5.First name Bradley, mom's maiden name Bradley
6.Ask what song he was singing in Sunday School, and I knew (Families can be together forever)
7.Age 4 when he remembered 1st negative experience, Landon's had his first negative experience
8.Favorite colors blue
9.Favorite music Hip Hop/Alternative, Hip Hop and R&B
10.Dress Preppy
11.Divorced 3 years, separated 2 year and divorced for 1 year, totaling 3 years
12.Struggled in life with the same things
13.Self Conscious of looks
14.Desires Temple Marriage
15.Desires 4-6 kids, has 3 boys and wants more
16.Strong sexual desires
17.Attracted to women with large breasts, i have large breasts
18.He is followed by hummingbirds in nature, first name is a bird, perhaps to follow the path with me
19.Opposite similarity he had a difficulty childhood, had a loving childhood
20.Took out Endowments at the LA Temple, sealed to family at LA Temple
21.Favorite food Mexican
22.both have 2 sisters
23.From Arizona, had family who lived here
24.Grew up in California
25.Reality check August 25th, bad time end of August
26.Favorite number 23
27.both hate small dogs
28.both our older sisters have the same middle name, as well as our younger sisters.
29.we both played volleyball in high school, i played for fun, she played on the team
30.we both hate the sound of our own voices
31.and at the times of the blog entry, 12/6/09, we both have a cold!
32.we both owned a black lab during in our prior marriages
33.both have bad vision
34.i have a lazy right eye, her oldest son dallan does as well
35.(no disrespect to other Prophet's) our favorite is Pres. Hinckley
36. both the 2nd born
37. favorite holiday, christmas
38. both younger sisters are inactive
39, both have thin hair
40. favorite Christmas song Little Drummer Boy

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